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Soccer Tournament Rules

Whitewater Cup Classic Soccer Tournament

2016 Policies

Note: Team registration takes place one hour before your first scheduled game, at the Concession Tent closest to your first match of the day.


  1. Divisions are available for carded travel teams, carded premiere teams and for registered Recreational Teams. Player may participate on one team only each day.
  2. Maximum roster size is 14 for teams playing 8v8. Maximum roster is 18 for teams playing 11v11. Ages U-8 through U-10 always play 8v8. Ages U-13 through U-19 always play 11v11. Ages U-11 and U-12 may choose to play either 8v8 or 11v11 format (see application form). Maximum number of coaches is 2; maximum number of guest players is 3.
  3. If your state association requires “permission to travel” to attend out-of-state tournaments, this form should be submitted to the tournament at least 2 weeks in advance.
  4. Each team will be responsible for its own medical and liability insurance. In case of accident or injury while traveling to or from the tournament, or during the tournament, neither MYSA nor its board nor the Whitewater Cup Tournament nor its directors or volunteers will be held liable. Nor will they be held responsible for any expense incurred by any team due to cancellation of part or all of the tournament, or for any other causes.
  5. At registration, you must provide an official 2014/2015 roster for the Spring (Memorial Weekend) Tournament, a 2015/2016 team roster for the Summer (Labor Day Weekend) Tournament and the Fall (Columbus Day Weekend) Tournament. You must also submit a medical release form for each player and for travel teams, a USYSA picture pass for each player and coach. Rosters are frozen at registration. Girls may participate in a “boys bracket” but boys may not participate in a “girls bracket.” Any girl playing on a “boys team” may be up to one year older than the stated age of the boys team.


  1. All teams play a minimum of 3 games, with two 25-minute halves and a 5-minute half-time. Rankings are determined based on the following: Win = 3 points. Tie = 1 point. Loss = 0 points. Forfeits = 2-0 score.
  2. Preliminary matches may end in a tie. Crossover games may end in a tie, except that a championship (1st place) play-off game that is tied after regulation time will play two golden goal overtime periods: 5 minutes each for U-8 through U-12; 10 minutes each for U-13 through U-19, with a 3 minute break between periods. If still tied, the game will be decided by penalty kicks.
  3.  If your team is competing in a round-robin bracket (or round-robin sub-bracket) and there is a 2-team tie at the conclusion of round-robin play, the winner will be determined according to head-to-head competition; then goal differential up to 3 goals per game; then goals allowed (no cap); and finally goals scored up to 3 goals per game. If still tied between two teams, the winner will be determined by playing a reduced/shrinking side, no-goalie, golden goal overtime. (A position player may be designated to use hands if a penalty kick occurs.) Period begins at 7v7 for all 11v11 brackets; 5v5 for all 8v8 brackets. Each side is reduced by 2 players after 5 minutes, and by two more players every 5 minutes thereafter, except that there are never fewer than 2 players per team. Modified off-sides (one player between attacker and goal) applies. In case of a 3-team tie within a round-robin bracket or sub-bracket (after application of all the tie-breaker criteria listed for 2-team ties), a three-way penalty kick system will be used to eliminate a team or teams. Each team will take three penalty kicks against each of the other two (tied) teams, until at least one team is eliminated. During this 3-team penalty kick phase, no player may take a second penalty until all players on the team’s roster have kicked once. When/if two teams then remain tied, even after re-application of all the 2-team tie-breaker criteria listed above, an additional set of three penalty kicks will be taken to determine the winner. If still tied, the two teams will take one penalty kick each, until there is a winner. During this 2-team penalty kick phase, no player may take a second kick until all players on the team have kicked once in this phase, without regard to kicks taken in the 3-team phase.
  4.  For ages U-8 through U-13, each game will have one USSF member Referee in the middle, and each team must designate one person to run a line. For U-14 and older games, there will be one USSF referee and two USSF linesmen.
  5.  Tournament committee reserves the right to combine age divisions where necessary.
  6.  A team cup will be presented to first and second place teams in each age group. Player medallions will be presented for first, second and third place in each age group.


  1. All games are played regardless of weather except that the Referee or Field Marshall may temporarily suspend a game in case of unsafe conditions, and the Field Marshall can terminate or cancel games due to unacceptable weather, field or other conditions. After your team begins play, no refund is granted. Also, no refund is available if you withdraw from the Tournament after your acceptance. If weather, field conditions or other circumstances result in cancellation of both your primary and rain date games before your team begins play, a refund of $100 or a credit of $200 (your choice) will be issued. Credit may be applied to a future Whitewater Cup Tournament and is valid for two years. In case of bad weather, it is your responsibility to monitor the Tournament web site or call for updated information. The rain date for a complete washout on Saturday or Sunday is the immediately following Monday of the same holiday weekend. If both Saturday and Sunday are completely rained out, Saturday’s schedule will be played on Monday and Sunday’s games will remain canceled.


  1. Each team must be prepared to enter the field promptly at the appointed time, or risk forfeiture. No grace period is available. Minimum number of players to avoid forfeiture is 7. A team must take the field if 7 or more players are present. To begin each game, visiting team kicks off; home team chooses a goal to defend. Home team changes jerseys if both teams wear the same color. (Home team is 2nd team listed on game schedule.)
  2. Substitutions are unlimited, with referee’s consent, at the following times: all goal kicks regardless of possession; before a throw-in for the team awarded possession (the opposing team may also substitute ONLY if the team in possession substitutes); after a goal by either team; after a Referee time-out for injury on either team; and at half time.
  3. Games, game breaks and overtime periods may be shortened or eliminated due to weather, field conditions, or matters related to darkness. Any game ended with 20 or more minutes played is considered an official game.
  4. Uniform jerseys must be numbered. Trading of club patches is encouraged and expected.


  1. If a player receives two yellow cards (in one game) or a red card, the players is ejected from that game and must sit out the following game. No substitution is permitted for a player ejected from the field.
  2. Any player receiving two ejections is banned from the remainder of the Tournament.
  3. Any ejected coach must leave the field area immediately. The assistant coach must show his coach’s pass to the Referee in order to assume the coach’s duties. Otherwise, the ejected coach’s team will forfeit the match. Any coach ejected twice will be banned from the remainder of the Tournament.
  4. Issuance of yellow cards and red cards, and other matters pertaining to the conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters will be recorded and reported immediately to EPYSA and all matters involving referee assault or abuse will, in compliance with USSF Rule 3042, be referred immediately to the host state association. Your home state association and home club/league shall have, except in the case of referee assault, the responsibility for imposing, should circumstances warrant, additional sanctions within their respective jurisdictions with regard to any matters arising from the Tournament.
  5. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players, assistant coach, parents and spectators. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on any field site. No foul or abusive language is permitted. Failure to keep control of the assistant coach, players, parents or spectators may result in forfeiture of a game or suspension of the team for the balance of the Tournament by the Field Marshall, by the Tournament Director, or by the Referee – with no refund.
  6. Only the coach who registered his/her team may speak with the Field Marshall, the Tournament Committee or the Tournament Director about matters pertaining to the Tournament.
  7. All ejections and grievances will be handled by the Tournament Committee at the conclusion of each game, either by phone, or at the Tournament site.

The Tournament Committee and Tournament Director reserve the right to decide all matters pertaining to the Tournament and their judgment is final.

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