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Outdoor Activities near the Lehigh River, Pennsylvania

Looking for something different in Pennsylvania? Here are some additional activities offered at or near our Lehigh River Rafting Center...

ZipLine Adventure


Disc Golf

Sit-On-Top Kayak Clinics

Panning and Fossils

Hickory Run State Park
Lehigh Gorge State Park

Miniature Golf
Historic Sites



Enjoy this exciting new feature, right at the Whitewater Challengers Rafting Center.  After your fun-filled day on our rivers or trails, harness-up for this breath-taking, tree-top ride. A great experience for adults and kids too!  Purchase your tickets at the camp store, and join us for an up-in-the-air adventure that's big on adrenaline and full of fun. Ask about group discounts!


Here at the Lehigh Rafting Center, you can enjoy our Paintball target range, or sign up for an Intro to Paintball Workshop where you’ll learn about state-of-the-art equipment, get familiar with loading and firing our Paintball guns, practice your skills on the target range, and learn more about playing the game, including special tactics and strategies.   

For a real session of Paintball games, choose our Pellets & Paddles Package: one day of whitewater rafting, and a 3-hour Paintball session.  Or choose the Paintball session alone.  Either way, you’ll have a blast playing this adrenaline-pumping, fast-action sport here in the Poconos.


Disc Golf combines a favorite recreational pastime - frisbee throwing - with one of the world's great sports - golf. In Disc Golf, players count how many strokes (throws) it takes to get from the Tee to the Hole, known in Disc Golf as a "Disc Post Hole." Disc Golf originated in 1974, with the invention of the flying disk. Today, proponents of the sport often refer to it as The Sport of the Future.

Program Description: A round of Disc Golf consists of 18 holes. (In Disc Golf, a hole consists of an elevated metal basket into which the Disc must be tossed to successfully complete the hole.) The location of each hole (basket) is described on a course map provided to each of our players. As in "ball-golf," each hole is rated as a Par 2, Par 3, Par 4 or Par 5.

Players are grouped in pairs or quartets. Beginning at the first Tee, each player tosses his or her Disc in the direction of the first hole. A score card is used to record the results of each hole. The course is clearly marked to direct players from each completed hole to the next Tee. The object of the game is to complete the 18 hole course in the fewest number of throws in the time allocated. A typical round of Disc Golf lasts about 90 minutes. The game may be extended to two hours, or shortened somewhat, if all players so request.

Disc Golf players assemble at the Whitewater Challengers Outdoor Adventure Center. At the beginning of the course, players receive detailed instructions in the rules of play, use of the course map and scoring cards, and Disc throwing techniques. There is an opportunity to practice before beginning the first hole of the course.

What's Included: Each Disc Golf match includes free shuttles from our Rafting Center to and from the Disc Golf course, a personable instructor, Disc Golf course maps and scoring cards, the Disc itself, and approximately 90 minutes playing time.

What to Wear: Dress appropriate to the season. Brush, tall grass, low limbs and varied terrain may be encountered. Good footwear (no sandals or flip flops) and long sleeves and long pants are advisable. Insect repellent and a cap or visor are also recommended. In view of the size and wilderness character of portions of the playing area, we cannot guarantee against the presence of poison ivy or other plants to which a player may be allergic, although we believe there to be little poison ivy present. The playing area hosts a range of wildlife although it is not frequently seen.

Liability waiver and insurance:  Players are required to read and sign a liability waiver form. A parent's or guardian's signature is also required on youth waiver forms. Whitewater Challengers does not carry health, accident, property damage, liability or other insurance coverage for participants in its activities. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted. Persons who in our opinion are under the influence may not play and no refund will be granted.

When Available: Daily, May - October 18, except dam release Saturdays.

Health and Physical Requirements: Disc Golf can, by its nature, require modest physical exertion. We recommend that participants be in reasonably good physical shape and consult a physician if suffering from asthma, heart or other condition.

Minimum group size: At least 10 participants are required for a Disc Golf match. For groups of less than 10, we'll assist in selecting a date when others have already reserved.

Rates:  $20* per adult; $14* per youth (under 17 years of age).    

Groups of 20 or more: $17* per adult; $12* per youth (under 17 years of age.)

*Rates subject to $2/person insurance fee.

Minimum age: 8, with adult.

Group leaders earn a free T-shirt with a group of 10 or more, plus one free space with 15, plus group rates with 20, plus a free return visit with 25, plus a second free space with 30 or more.

Lost Disc Fee: A $10 charge applies for any disc not returned at the end of your match.

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Sit-on-Top Kayaking Clinics

As an alternative to regular whitewater kayking clinics, some guests prefer the easier sit-on-top format.  This way, you can learn all the essentials of whitewater kayaking, without the "strapped-in" feeling of a regular whitewater kayak.  Call for details!

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Panning and Fossils

Everyone- young and old- will love the excitement of finding beautiful gemstones and fossils in what appears to be a bag of dirt.

3 easy steps to panning...

  1.  Purchase, in our campstore, a bag of mining rough enriched with gems or fossils from around the world...no two bags are alike!
  2. Pour some of the mining rough in a screen-bottom box
  3. Dip the box in our sluice and watch the gems and fossils appear as the water washes the soil away. You can take home your precious keepsakes to remind you of your treasure-hunting experience at Whitewater Challengers.



Less than a half hour from the Whitewater Adventure Camp is one of the premiere (and most popular) state parks in Pennsylvania.  Hickory Run is home to one of the most elaborate hiking trail systems in the Commonwealth.  Mapped in intricate detail, more than 40 interconnecting trails lead to a variety of impressive overlooks and special geological features.  Wildlife abounds, and depending on the season, you may be witness to an explosion of natural color.  Acres of mountain laurel and rhododendron bloom in the Spring, and Autumn offers its own special rainbow of colors.

Boulder Field is a popular destination in the park.  Unchanged since glaciers receded from the area 20,000 years ago, this area is striking for its absence of vegetation, and for the sea of boulders strewn like a lake over a massive area.  You can walk out onto the "sea" of boulders, some up to 25 feet in length.  If you request it in advance (570-443-0400) a park naturalist can meet with your group.

Not far from the geological gem, you'll find a lake, together with a beautiful sand beach, which is open for swimming from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.  There is a refreshment stand nearby, as well as large recreation fields and orienteering.

Picnicking is popular at the park, expecially near the lake and recreation areas, where hundreds of tables are available.  And for angling enthusiasts, there are a number of unique opportunities throughout the park.  Streams like Fourth Run and Sand Spring are stocked with brook and brown trout, making for excellent fishing.  Mud Run is a delayed harvest, artificial-lure-only stream, part of which is designated catch-and-release-only.  Other fishing opportunities abound at nearby Francis Walter Reservoir.

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Just a couple of minutes from the Adventure Camp, Lehigh Gorge State Park provides one of the Commonwealth's premiere bicycling trails, with over 25 miles of gentle (2%) downhill grade.  Each year, thousands of visitors enjoy mountain biking here.  The park is also home to wonderful hiking and fishing opportunities.  For park information call (570) 427-8161.

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Mountain Laurel Golf Club is about 10 minutes from Whitewater Challengers Outdoor Center.  The club offers a natural grass driving range and a short-game area that has a putting green, chipping area and bunker.    

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The Galleria at Split Rock Resort is only about 20 minutes from Whitewater Challengers Outdoor Center.  Bring the whole family or a few friends for a fun-filled round of miniature golf.

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Hiking can be enjoyed right at our Campground.  Or, if you prefer a marked trail or more of a variety you can check out Hickory Run State Park or Lehigh Gorge State Park.  (See above for details.)

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Whitewater Challengers provides its own biking shuttle to the Lehigh Gorge State Park where you can enjoy a 15 or 25 mile trip.  Bring your own bike.  (See Mountain Biking page for more details.)

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Eckley Miners Village is a living history site dedicated to the lives of the immigrants who toiled in the coal fields at the height of the anthracite boom.  Eckley Miners' Village, surrounded by black-silt ponds and strip-mining pits, is alive with the unique heritage of the anthracite region.  Settled in 1854, the community remained a privately owned company "patch" town until 1971.  Now a National Register District, Eckley is home to more than fifty residents - retired miners, their widows and children.  Its 58 buildings, 100 acres, furnishings and exhibits preserve the everyday life of the coal miner and his family.

Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour.  Explore 300 feet beneath the earth. Meet a miner in the winding caverns of the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour.  Travel down through three different veins of hard coal and see for yourself how men slaved on hands and knees to harvest black diamonds.  Learn about life and hard-coal times in the Shifting Shanty.  Photo-mural exhibits, mining artifacts, tools, and video presentations.  Visit the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum and the Company Store Gift Shoppe.

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For avid anglers, check out these great locations:  Hickory Run State Park, Lehigh Gorge State Park and The Fishing Hole (catch and release).


For Reservations & Information Contact:

Adventure Center at Whitewater Challengers

PO Box 8

White Haven, PA 18661

(800) 443-RAFT

Directions to Lehigh Adventure Center:

Whitewater Challengers

288 North Stagecoach Road

Weatherly, PA 18255


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